Wire Stripping And Twisting Tool




This Tool Makes Wire Stripping And Twisting Unbelievably Easy!

Wire Stripping And Twisting Tool is a great tool for electrical repair. quick wire stripping. and wire winding. it is suitable for 2.5/4 square. It can combine 2-5pcs cables.saves time and energy. very convenient and safe!

Wire Stripping And Twisting Tool can twist and strip wire simultaneously. It increases productivity and will save your hands from cramping and getting sores. Made with high-quality precision steel. it is specially created for excellent performance and high precision quality. It comes in two specifications for you to choose from. compatible with 2.5 and 4 square wire sizes.


  • Improve work efficiency- The stripping twisting tool works with electric drills or manual levers. and the wire twisting tool can twist and wrap the wire at the same time. It can help increase productivity. prevent finger soreness. and reduce fatigue.
  • Universal Size- This wire twisting tool can twist up to 5 wires(2.5 – 4 square wire) at the same time. It can save you time.
  • Durable material- Made of durable metal material and not easily broken.
  • Easy to operate- The wire twisting tool can be attached to a power drill or manual lever and functions; Put two or three or more wires into the corresponding groove. when ready. turn on the drill or manual lever. you can complete the work smoothly.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 105mm x 25mm-4.1inch x 1.0inch


  • 1 xWire Stripping And Twisting Tool


Electric Version, Electric And Manual Version

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